The benefits of Olive Oil for the Skin

People say olive oil is liquid gold for the skin, and they’re not wrong. Aside from being one of the healthiest oils used in cooking, olive oil is a treasured ingredient in the world of cosmetics.

Here are some of the skincare benefits of olive oil:

Eliminates dryness

Olive oil is an excellent natural moisturizer because of its antioxidants. It’s also rich in vitamins A and E, both of which nourish the skin deeply, providing a healthier appearance. These qualities make it the perfect choice for people with skin prone to dryness.

Relieves irritation

It helps soothe the bothersome symptoms of dry, swollen, or itchy skin.

Combats signs of aging

We’re exposed to a great deal of free radicals every day, either due to our diet or because of exposure to the sun and air pollution, all of which are factors that promote premature aging of the skin. However, the vitamin E in olive oil helps counteract this, protecting skin tissue and preventing early signs of aging.

Softens your hands

Our hands say a lot about us. That’s why it’s important to keep them soft and smooth. Of course, our day-to-day requires us to wash them constantly. To repair the dryness that comes with that, use a product like the Oliva Body Cream from Avena Instituto Español, which is absorbed easily and keeps your hands, cuticles, and nails smooth at all times.

After exfoliating

Exfoliating your knees and elbows is an important part of skincare. However, after exfoliating, those areas need moisturizing. At times like those, olive oil is essential.

Ideal for active people

Olive oil is one of the most powerful natural moisturizers, so it’s highly recommended for athletes, who should take extra care of their skin due to being exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Moreover, swimmers should take even better care of their skin because of their daily exposure to chlorine, which is highly damaging to the skin. Because of all this, it is important that athletes have a full-body moisturizing cream like Oliva Body Cream in their skincare regimen.

Protect your natural beauty! If your skin tends to dry out or you’re constantly outdoors, use Oliva Body Oil as part of your skincare routine to see results: beautiful, healthy skin.