Healthy skin is beautiful skin, a reflection of self-care inside and out; it is discovering your natural beauty at its best.

Made in Spain

Instituto Español is an Andalusian company founded in 1903. For over a century, we’ve been dedicated to the development of cosmetic products that are good for your skin and safe for the environment.

We believe research, innovation, quality, and sustainability are essential to your skin’s health.

We’ve made a wide variety of skincare products for every skin type: for the young, for the old, for those who enjoy a healthy complexion, for those with sensitive skin, and for diabetics.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We believe that good skincare shouldn’t cost us our future. Sustainability guides all our manufacturing processes.

Zero Waste

We’re dedicated to a sustainable production cycle, using only recycled materials and then reintegrating them later on into our processes to achieve a zero waste workplace.


All our products come in easy-to-recycle containers that, in turn, were made from recycled raw materials.


All of us at Instituto Español (including our suppliers) adhere to a strict cruelty-free policy: none of our products or raw materials are tested on animals.

Respeto al entorno

We’re fortunate enough to be located close to Doñana, one of the most fascinating natural sites in Spain. And so, our sustainable vision guarantees the care and conservation of this environment and all others.


90% of the Spanish Institute’s workforce are our neighbors, residents of Hinojos, Spain. We prioritize hiring people from the region.

Life-Work Balance

We’re aware that work isn’t everything and are dedicated to the principles of life-work balance, social interaction, and family support.


We have a custom laboratory from where we develop new projects that meet our customers’ needs. With the latest technology in microbiological analysis, we guarantee the highest quality in all our formulas.

To meet the needs of a changing market, we listen to our customers, demonstrated by the fresh products we launch year after year.

Last technology laboratory

We have our own custom laboratory, from where we develop new projects that meet the needs of our customers. We have the latest technology in microbiological analysis to guarantee the highest quality of all our formulations.