Soothe your Tired Legs with Avena Arnica Lotion

Work, socializing, doing chores, being on your feet all day… everything takes a toll on your legs, and before you know it, they start hurting, or go numb, or swell up.

To avoid this, try getting proper rest, taking a cold bath to stimulate blood flow, going for a light walk, lying down and raising your legs, or getting a massage. And of course, it’ll help to take advantage of one of the most valuable natural ingredients in skincare: arnica montana.

What is arnica?
Arnica is a lovely yellow flower from the Asteraceae family, and it has been used in natural remedies to treat bruising, pain, and muscle inflammation for ages.

But what’s so great about arnica? Well, the fact that all of its active ingredients (especially Sesquiterpene lactone, flavonoids, xanthophyll, choline, and phytosterols) contain the following qualities that provide important benefits for your skin:

  • Healing: helps with injuries
  • Moisturizing: softens the skin and soothes inflammation
  • Astringent: dries excess oils and tightens pores
  • Antimicrobial: inhibits the spreading of harmful microbes
  • Antioxidant: helps combat free radicals that cause premature aging (is that a term or do I use early signs of aging)
  • Anticoagulant: thins the blood
  • Analgesic: helps relieve pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory: reduces pain and inflammation

Arnica and your legs

As you can see, arnica has many qualities that make it a perfect ally for your legs, but it’s best to use arnica products that have been proven to help, products that contain the safe and proper concentration for your legs.

Arnica Lotion

This lotion by Avena Instituto Español energizes and refreshes tired legs with its arnica formula, specially created to relieve your legs and keep your skin properly hydrated.

Its light, fast-absorbed formula provides a silky finish, ideal for all types of skin, especially for people constantly on their feet, those with varicose veins, or pregnant women.

In short, Arnica Lotion is relief on the go. Discover how this lotion with its arnica flower extract relaxes, tones, and rejuvenates tired legs, helping you protect your natural beauty.


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