Oats: A Powerful Ally for Any Skin Type

Oats are among the finest grains around, and they offer great benefits for the skin and the metabolism, used topically or ingested.

And the benefits oats provide for the skin are so many, that once you know about them, you’ll want to see it for yourself. To begin with, oats are rich in antioxidants, among them something called avenanthramides, chemicals that combat oxidative stress and have anti-inflammatory properties. Other important benefits of topical oats include:

Deep hydration and moisturizing

They’re a natural moisturizer, as they penetrate deep into the skin and provide some much-needed moisture. They contain lipids and water-absorbing substances that hydrate even the innermost layers of the skin, while preventing dryness and helping to eliminate its symptoms (eczema, peeling, and itching), which results in healthier, smoother skin to the touch.

Nourishment for the skin

Oats contain healthy fats and polysaccharides, which when mixed with water form a gel that nourishes, softens, and moisturizes the skin.

Cleansing and exfoliating

The saponins in oats help remove the dead cells, dirt, and oil accumulated in the pores of the skin.

Anti-acne properties

Oats also contain zinc, which helps reduce inflammation, combats bacteria that cause acne, reduces excess oils, closes pores, relieves discomfort, and prevents the appearance of impurities, such as pimples and blackheads.


They help balance your skin’s pH, keeping it healthy and strong against potential contamination or infectious agents. They also form a thin layer over the skin that acts as a natural barrier, protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays and keeping it hydrated for longer.

Brightening the skin

Oats contain properties that help even out your skin tone and get rid of dark spots.

Relieving skin conditions

They also have soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and antihistamine properties that help relieve skin damage from conditions such as psoriasis, hives, eczema, sunburn, itching caused by poison ivy, chickenpox, etc.

It’s these benefits in products made with oats that help all skin types achieve a smooth, bright appearance, even the most mature, irritated, dry, and sensitive skin types. See for yourself what oats can do to help you maintain the natural beauty of your skin!


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